Torsdag 26 september 2019

Level Method Test 1
Rings (Level Method Test)

Up to 15 seconds box or ring support hold (Yellow)
Max Strict Ring Dips OR 5s Negatives (Orange)
Max Strict Ring Dips(Blue)
Weighted Ring Dips (Purple/Brown)
Max Ring MU (Black/Red)

Level Method Test 2
Rowing  (30 minutes)
10, 15, or 20 minutes Rowing for Max meters

WODs for those not testing

Within 10 minutes build to a heavy set of 5 Weighted Ring Dips
5x5 Ring Dips or Bench Dips

WoD#2: 20 min AMRAP

150  Double-unders  (Scale to 100 DU OR 200 SU)

100/70  Cal Airbike (OR Ski)

80 Box Stepup  60/50cm

60  Wallballs  (9/6kg)


5x5 Ring Dips or Bench Dips

Then Practice 10s stable support hold on Rings or Boxes

WoD#2: 15 Minute AMRAP

100  Single-unders 

40/30  Cal Airbike or Ski

30  Box Stepup  50/40cm

20  Wallballs       6/4kg