Söndag 15 september 2019

WoD#1: Makeup Test (30 minutes)
Choose from one of the 9 tests we have done this week that you have missed or want to do again!

WoD#2 LM Test: Flexibility (10 minutes)

Bottom of Squat Hold - from 30s up to 5 minutes
Wall Squat (in front of and close to wall) with stick - Blue to Brown
Black and Red - More advanced stretches (see MAP)


Pair WoD: 9/11/2001 WoD

Share Anyhow

32 HR Pushups

Then 9 Rounds

11 Ring Rows
11 Russian KBS 12/8kg
11 Box Step ups
11 Goblet Squats  12/8Kg

2001m Run (5x400m Run) OR Row - Shared. 

Time Cap: 30 minutes

Bottom Of Squat Hold for time 


Cone Reaction Game

Partners facing each other - place a cone/ rag/ something easy to grab

  • Coach calls out “head, shoulders, knees, ankles, feet or CONE”
  • When the coach yells cone then the two partners will try to grab the cone/object to see who has the better reaction time.

Hopprep: Single Unders
5-10-15-20-25-30-35-40 Unbroken SU
När man har klarade av en nivå (t.ex 5 SU) testa nästa nivå 10 sedan 15 osv. 
Time Cap: 10 minutes

AMRAP 10 minutes
20m Bear Crawl
8 Situps
8 Ring Rows