Onsdag 25 september 2019

WoDs for those not testing:

Build to a Heavy 5 Rep Deadlift
4 sets of 5 Deadlifts at a medium weight

WoD#2: 10 min AMRAP

8 Push Press (Rx 42,5/30kg)

12 Reverse Step Lunges (Rx 42,5/30kg) weight on back


Level Tests

Deadlift (Level Method Test)
Within 20 minutes (including build up)
Find your 
8RM Deadlift (Yellow)
5RM Deadlift (Orange)
3RM Deadlift (Blue)
1RM Deadlift (Purple and above)

Upper Body/Lower Body Endurance (Level Method Test - "Diane")
For Time: 15-12-9 OR 21-15-9 OR 
Deadlifts and Pushups (Yellow to Blue)
Deadlifts and DB OR KB Press (Purple)
DL and HSPU (Brown to Red)