Onsdag 18 september 2019

Weightlifting  (Level Method Test)
Within 20 minutes (including build up)
Find your 
10-20 Russian KB Swings 8-32Kg (Yellow to Orange)
3-8 Hang Power Cleans up to 60/40kg (Orange to purple)
1RM Power Clean up to 92,5/65kg (Purple to Brown)
Total of: 1RM Clean&Jerk + 1RM Snatch (Brown and above)
OBS: C&J and Snatch do NOT have to be done on the same day/test! 

Running (Level Method Test)
For Time:
400m Run (Yellow to Blue)
1600m Run (Purple and above)
Scaled: 200m Run

Alternative Pass (If not testing)
Within 12 minutes build to a heavy
1 Power Clean + 1 Hang Power Clean
5 Sets of 3 Power Cleans (Singles) at medium weights

5 Rounds: 
200m Run     
12 Wallballs     
8 Burpee Box Jump Overs

Extra Credit

3:00 Calf Smash   R

1:30 Classic Calf Stretch   R

3:00 Calf Smash   L

1:30 Classic Calf Stretch   L