Onsdag 11 september 2019

UpperBody Push (Level Method Test)

Max Pushups (Yellow and Orange)
Tabata Pushups (Blue)
Max 1RM Strict Press (Purple)
Max Strict HSPU (Brown/Black)
Max 1RM Strict Press (Red)

Upper Body/Lower Body Endurance (Level Method Test - "Diane")
For Time: 15-12-9 OR 21-15-9 OR 
Deadlifts and Pushups (Yellow to Blue)
Deadlifts and DB OR KB Press (Purple)
DL and HSPU (Brown to Red)

Extra Credit

2:00   Airbike / Row /Ski

3:00  Glute Smash & Floss   (ea/s) 

2:00   Airbike/Row/Ski

3:00  Ham Smash & Floss   (ea/s)

2:00   Airbike/Row/Ski

3:00  Couch Stretch     (ea/s)