Lördag 6 april 2019

5-5-5-5 Weighted Ring Dips @ 60% 1RM (Rx 24/12kg)
5-5-5-5 Strict or Negative Ring Dips (Jump up to straight arms count slowly to 3 on way down)

WoD#2 Tabatas

Wallballs (Rx  8x (20s work + 10s rest)

KB Swings 8x (20s work + 10s rest)

GHD Sit-ups  8x (20s work + 10s rest)
OR Weighted Butterfly Situps

Row or Bike 8x (20s work + 10s rest)

Rest 1 minute between tabatas.

Addera antalet reps från sämsta varvet på resp övning för att få en summa. I rodd/bike räknas kalorier som reps.

Nybörjare Team WoD

Team of two!

A. UGOIGO: Share
20 Burpees
40 Power Cleans (20-50kg)
60 Weighted lunges with DB/KB
80 Deadlifts (Rx 20-50kg)
60 Weighted lunges with DB/KB
40 Power Cleans
20 Burpees
Then in time remaining:

B. Amrap:
Run 200m (UGOIGO)

Total Time cap 25min.