Lördag 23 mars 2019


3 Rounds of Max Strict Pullups
Rest 90s between rounds

WoD #2:

17 Min AMRAP Ladder 1-2-3-4-5-6...Reps
Handrelease Pushups
KB or DB Clean and Jerks (Rx 24/16 or 22,5/15kg)
OH Walking Lunge Steps (Rx 15/10 Kg)
Toes 2 Bar 

Team Nybörjarpass

Par WoD: Share

Cash In: 40 Burpees
60 Pushups (partner holds pull-up hang)
60 Sit-ups: (partner holds side plank)
60 SDHP with KB (12-24kg) (Partner holds Slamball 20-40kg)
60 Box jumps (Partner Holds Jägarställning)
Cash Out: 40 Burpees

Time Cap 25 minutes