Fredag 8 mars 2019

Timecap 12 min
Partner thrusters 60-85kg (M42,5kg/F30kg)
(OBS: Partners hold the end of the bar facing each other)
Pull ups x2 (42-30-18)
Amrap synk burpees

Timecap 12 min
21-15-9 Partner deadlift 140-180kg (M90kg/F70kg)
Handstand push ups x2 (42-30-18) 

Timecap 12 min
300 wallballs 9/6kg

(OBS: No rest between the 3 WoDs. Runnng Clock 36 minutes)


Max time Plankan (Scaled: On Knees)

WoD #2
Max Time Pullup Hang (Scaled: Bottom of Ring Row Hold)

WoD # 3: Pair WoD

3 rounds for time of:

20 Russian KB Swings (4-16kg)
20 Box Step Ups (30-45cm) OR Box Jumps (5-30cm)
Run/Fast Walk 400m (12 x 33m bana)
20 Burpees
20 Wallballs  (4-6kg)

Share all exercises 50:50% (10/10 reps) One Works - One Rests
Share 400m run (6 varv var)