Fredag 23 augusti 2019

WoD#1 "Bunk Beds"
40 Minute AMRAP in Pairs (Share)
21 Weighted Partner Situps (Rx 9/6kg) Scaled: No weight
15 Deadlifts (Rx 100/70kg)
9 Body Blasters (Scale to Burpee Jumping Pullups)
Row 40/32 Cal (Advanced: Bike or Ski 40/32 Cal) Shared OR Run 400m together

Goal 6+ Rounds

Extra Credit

3 Rounds for Quality

10 Bulgarian Split Squats (ea/s)

15 Single-leg Banded Hamstring Curls (ea/s)

Rest as needed


5 sets of 5 Shoulder Press at low to medium weights
Bar or Dumbells
Rest 60-90s between sets


15 Min AMRAP

100m Run or fast walk

10 Wallballs   (6/4kg)

8 Ring Rows

6 Box OR Wall OR Bar Pushups