Fredag 22 mars 2019

Team Friday:

WoD#1: Par WoD

Cash In: 200m run in relay (3 times each)
60 Push Press (partner holds pull-up hang) @ 50% 1RM OHS (Rx 45/30kg) 
60 GHD sit-ups: (partner holds side plank)
60 Deadlifts (Rx 80/50kg) (Partner holds Slamball 50/30kg Rx)
60 Wtd Box Stepups (Rx 24/16kg KB or 22,5/15kg DB) (Partner Holds Handstand)
Cash Out: 40 Synchronized bar facing burpees

Time Cap 30 minutes



5-5-5 Bench Press
(Start at low weight and increase weight if technique is good)
Rest 1 minute between sets

5 Rounds for Time:
8 Sumo Deadlift Highpulls with KB
8 Burpees
30s Plankan
8 Pushpress OR Shoulder Press
Time Cap 16 minutes