Fredag 13 september 2019

9/11 (2001) WoD

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32 HSPU (scale to Piked OR HR Pushups)

Then 9 Rounds

11 Pullups (Scale to Jumping Pullups)

11 American KBS  24/16Kg (Scale to Russian KBS and/or weight)

11 Box Jumps 60/50cm (Scale to Box Step ups and/or height)

11 Goblet Squats  32/20kg (Scale Weight)


2001m Run Together (5x400m)

Time Cap: 40 minutes


Extra Credit

2:00-4:00 minutes Each

  • Lat Smash  (ea/s)
  • Classic Triceps & Lat Stretch  (ea/s)
    • Foot Smash  (ea/s)