Workout of the Day

Fredag 12 april 2019

Team Friday!!!!!

In teams of 2: UGOIGO

1 Round each of:
12-9-6 Reps of
Thrusters @ 50% 1RM (Rx 50/35kg)
Box Jumpovers (Rx 60/50cm)

1 Round each of
12-9-6 Reps of
Power Clean @ (Rx 50/35kg)
Hand release lateral burpees (over the bar)

Then Share

60 Calorie Row OR Bike OR Skierg
60 Hand Release Pushups
60 Pistols (Scaling: Reverse Weighted Lunges (Rx 24/16kg))
60 Slamballs over shoulder 
60 Dumbell or KB Snatch Alternate Arms (Rx 22,5/15kg)

Time Cap 35 minutes



2 Rounds of: 
5 "Negative" Pullups (use gummiband if needed) OR Negative Ring Rows
Rest 60s
Max Time Plankan
Rest 60s between rounds


12 min AMRAP

10m Sled Push (20-40kg)
6 Ring Dips (Scale with band or Negatives)
10m Farmers Carry (2x KB)
6 Box Jumps OR Stepups