Fredag 18 maj 2018

Team Friday

Pair WoD#1
Burden Run
Run 1500m in pairs with 1 Sandbag
(OBS: only 1 person at a time can carry the Sandbag. Not allowed to hold one end each)

Pair WoD#2 
Share. 1 Works/1Rest

100 Wallballs 
90 Power Cleans (Rx 60/40kg)
80 Pull Ups
70 Push Press (Rx 60/40kg)
60 Cal Row OR Bike
50 Broad Jumps (Rx 180/150cm) 
40 Front Squats (Rx 60/40kg)

Time Cap 25 minutes


3 Rounds of: 
5 Bench Press
Rest 30s
5 Ring Rows
Rest 60s between rounds

14 min AMRAP

4 Knee Raises
8 Push Press (4 per arm) with Kettlebell (4-8kg) OR Dumbbells (5-10kg) 
10 Stepups on Tyres
12m Sled Push (10-20kg)
Run/Fast Walk  80m